Frequently asked questions


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Who are the Royal Flying Doctor Service?

The RFDS is a national, charitable, health organisation delivering primary healthcare and 24-hour emergency services for those that live in rural and remote Australia. 

Long known as one of the largest aeromedical organisations in the world, the RFDS delivers health care where mainstream health services are not available, using the latest in aviation, medical and communications technology and a broad-reaching ground-service fleet.

Supported by a vast number of volunteers and supporters, the RFDS provides a lifeline for those that live, work and travel in rural and remote Australia, and has been doing so for over nine decades. Find out more about us here.

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Is there somewhere I can read about how you have helped communities?

Yes of course, please check out our staff and patient stories here. 

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What else do you do?

We take pride in delivering quality aeromedical retrieval services, as well as essential primary and preventative healthcare to regional, rural and remote Queenslanders. Read more about all our services.

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What employment opportunities are there?

The RFDS employs more than 1500 staff, across 23 bases. We value our people and we are passionate about making a difference for people who live, work and travel in remote, rural and regional Australia. View Careers.

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Are there others way I can help support?

Yes, there are lots of ways you can help support the Flying Doctor. Find out more on ways you can support RFDS.

Virtual Gifts

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What do I get?

You can preview the options on screen before choosing.

No card: You can make a donation without receiving or sending a digital card. 

Download: You can download the digital card immediately to keep or give to a special somone as a gift yourself.

Digital card: You can send a digital card instantly to yourself or to someone special. Your own email address will receive the receipt and a beautifully designed digital card will be emailed along with a personalised message and a brief description of the gift to an email address of your choice (not print resolution).

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Which option should I choose?

It’s your choice entirely. If you are looking to gift a friend then you could choose the Digital Card option and personalise a message to them - we will do the rest and email the gift on your behalf OR if you would prefer to gift your special someone yourself you could choose the download option and send it yourself. 

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Where does my money go?

To ensure your gift has maximum impact, we’ll use it where it's needed most across a range of projects that your gift represents. Whichever gift you choose, you can be confident you're making a real difference.

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Are these digital gifts tax deductible?

Yes, all Royal Flying Doctor Digital Card orders are tax-deductible in Australia. A receipt will be posted shortly after your purchase (please ensure you enter email address details correctly).

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Can the receipt be in the recipient's name?

No. Unfortunately, for legal reasons we can only issue receipts in the name of the person or organisation that makes the payment.

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Are my details secure?

Yes, we use a secure payment system. We also take your privacy seriously; see our privacy policy.